mercredi 1 août 2012

Used to be a Lolita

Hello ya'll :)

A few days ago, we made a little video on Lana Del Rey's song called Lolita. It was so funny to have a good time on it. You can also watch our videos here :)
I'm wearing a sailor shirt that I bought 2 years ago in London. I especially love my buns, they make me kinda look like Mickey hihi. I accessorize them with a vintage foulard that I bought at FripStar in Paris.

6 commentaires:

ann a dit…

is there an effect used for the video

Anonyme a dit…

Le playback est T.I.P T.O.P !

Bravooo Angelaaaaaa :D


Autumn LaFleur Smith a dit…

ahahah merci Nanie LOL

Anonyme a dit…


Becky a dit…

I'm in love with you ^^^^^

Summer Breeze a dit…

Just a bit of lightening for the video effect ;)